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Oh hi! You may be wondering why there are two cribs here. That’s because I had twins! Eep two more mouths to feed and cloth and take care of…I’m scared!
OD: I can talk to Loki if you want to get assistance…


L: No! I will do this on my own!
OD: O_O ok

After many hours of a painful labor, I finally had my child. It was scary but it was finally through…or so I thought. As soon as I laid my child in the crib, an all too familiar pain ripped through my stomach again. Into my arms was then another child. Scared beyond belief but relieved at the same time, I welcomed my two children into the world.

Meet Amber



and Layla



I’m pretty sure they are identical. As they grow we shall see though. Tired from all the festivities I put my children to sleep then crashed on the couch. *Yawn* Until nextttttime…zzz…zzz…


Waking up the next morning I slowly recalled the conversation me and the Overdeity had last night. Pregnant. Me. I didn’t expect this to happen at least till I was at least 1000, much less 349. I still had a lot to live for! Children! Ahhh!


The smell of burning pancakes called me back into reality. I sat down to eat some and broodingly went outside to tend to my apple trees. These trees were like children to me. If I could take care of them then I could take care of a real human child! One question soon became apparent to me. Who was the father? Deities are known to be able to reproduce with anyone and there were three people at the party…carry the two multiply by 5 divide by 7…Ahh ha! That means there could be three potential parents! Again I was snapped back to reality when I realized I was watering my shoe.


I had never worked with a child though. I avoided the nursery as much as possible when I was up there. It’s not that I don’t like children, it’s that I’m afraid I will mess them up in life or drop them. I was afraid I wouldn’t be a good mother. My fears got the best of me and I finally travelled to the library where I read a book on mortal children. Avoiding human contact in sheer embarrassment, I dashed to the shelves and found a book on pregnancy. I learned many interesting things! It told me do buy a crib, apparently incubators weren’t common practice, so I replaced the kegger with a crib! Also, I read that I would have to adjust my sleep schedule to suit my soon to be born child’s needs.


I headed home and sat down with a box of easy mac, an apparent delicacy here due to there being almost none in the store. Human life was much harder than the typical Deity life. Up there we had servants who took care of all the cooking, cleaning, and child care. I was a mess. I wanted to party but was coming down here really worth it?


I made my way downstairs to practice my bartending skills. I was cautious enough to continue working with non-alcoholic drinks for as I read early alcohol could affect may growing child. My fears seemed to dissipated\ as I worked. Tomorrow was going to be the day I was most scared about. But for now I was relaxed and had no cares in the world.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nervously I made my way upstairs to make myself waffles. The smell and taste was very comforting and I needed that very much so right then. I felt like a grapula, or whale as the humans say it as I walked around the house. I wasn’t very huge but I still wasn’t comfortable.


Feeling adventurous, not only did I go outside to take care of my plants today, but I even had the courage to go to the beach! Why have a house on the beach and never go? Nervously I headed over for a day of relaxation before the baby came.



I met some really nice people! I met a woman named Molly who unlike me is human but like me is a single mom. We quickly became fast friends over a game of chess. (In which I bested her in! My superior mind and age let me defeat her graciously and with ease).


I also might have found a friend in Ayesha Ansari! She listened to me talk for awhile but while she was talking I accidently dozed off…humans apparently do not like it when you doze off during their stories.


Mmmhmm yeah uhh.zzzz.zzz.zzz

Mmmhmm yeah uhh.zzzz.zzz.zzz

Finally in gratitude of this wonderful day, I made drinks and these things called hot dogs for the people of the beach. Hot dogs aren’t actually made of dogs much to my relief but I’m unsure of their origin. I sat down with my new comrades and ate happily. I no longer felt like an outcasted whale but a human who fit in.


I finally headed home exhausted from the day. I went downstairs to practice making drinks. Upon the first sip, I felt a sharp pain shoot through my stomach. The pain was truly crippling.



I waddled upstairs preparing for what I began to think was the coming of my child, scared and alone.


I woke up this morning incredibly hung over. As a deity I’ve never felt so…ill in my life. Finding my strength, I stood up and waddled to the bathroom attempting to wipe the smell of beer and other various unidentifiable things of me. The first thing I noticed was the dirty toilet. As soon as it was clean, I dumped the contents of my stomach into it. I had to clean this putrid thing again! Where were my servants when I needed them!



I looked myself over in the mirror and I was shocked at my appearance. There was no deity in heck that I was going to be presentable today. Around 11, I finally was able to make it upstairs without feeling like my head had been loped off. I made a recipe I knew close to my heart; glorious waffles covered in berries. As I sat down to eat them, I turned on the television. At first it made my head hurt incredibly, but I got used to it eventually.


Finally willing myself to go outside for the sake of my plants, I watered and weeded them. It was the only true way I could clear my head. Feeling a further motivation to get a job because I sensed a message from the overdeity to get one, I wandered to City Hall. I wanted to be closer to my plants and nature again. I’d already begun to miss it.



Later in the day I began to feel more like myself. I started playing darts and even started mixing drinks. These were non alcoholic ones to start with. Around midnight though. I had to turn into my Deity form and talk to the Overdeity about my adventure so far. It was a bit of a pain because tiredness occurs much faster in humans and it was beginning to take a toll on me, but I complied with their wishes on pain of punishment.



OD: Lana, how are you feeling so far? Do you find this Earth Pleasant?

L: Overdiety! It is a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you for this quaint and amazing house and life. Yes it’s quite nice…although I have much to learn about how much liquor I can hold.

OD: Ahh yes…and I have assumed you’ve found out what happens when you become…how do you say…drunk?

L: *walking around the house* Yes Overdeity, I have. *Toys with drinks* And I will have to be much more careful next time. I found my bed had been…tainted…and there was much to clean.

OD: You have learned your lesson well, but there is one more consequence for your actions.

L: What? There could be nothing else!

OD: But yet there is. Congratulations Deity Lana, you are going to be a mother.


My first day on this Earth has been a pleasant one! I’m meeting very many people and today I even went to the park! A lot less flowers and fruits if you ask me, even though I managed to pick some! Apples and Liames? Lames? No Limes that’s it. It’s amazing that they let you just pick the fruit. I just hope it isn’t poisonous!


I’ve met a lot of interesting people to. Much less snobby and snotty than the deities up there. Goodness I hope they didn’t hear me. I meant nothing by it Overdeity! I met a woman who was the age I look like, a young man who was very fetching, and a woman who had an odd food on her clothing. She said I could ‘call’ a number with a device I didn’t realize I had and order it if I wanted to try it. After many minutes of me screaming “Hello I would like this weird food” into my contraption, the nice lady introduced herself and taught me how to use it. A phone she called it. I had to punch in the number first. Her name was Autumn, and the other people I had met were Tori and Ethan.




All of them were very polite in aiding me with learning this world. In true ‘Lana fashion’, I invited them to an alcoholic party tonight called a juice kegger. I was saddened to learn that Ethan was to young to go. Apparently people of a certain age are only allowed to drink. Maybe I would meet him again another time.

Soon enough I headed out of the park and bought a few books at the local store and sold my liames, I mean limes. I kept my apples because I think I’ve learned well enough how to plant them! As soon as I got home I planted the apples on my porch. I couldn’t wait for them to sprout and grow!


Finally it was time to get ready for the party. The Overdiety granted me a juice kegger for the occasion. I was excited. My first true human party! I slumped down onto my couch and watched the weird contraption called a television until my guests arrived. I might have also snuck a drink or two 😉


Autumn, Tori, and a random friend of Tory’s finally came. We all took turns doing Keg stands and it was amazing! This is something I would never have been able to do up there!



After that though I was too *hiccup* drunk to remember much else. I remember drinking a lot more…dancing on the counter…hot tubbing *hiccup*…and *hiccup* drinking. It took awhile but I finally crashed on my bed, falling asleep around 5:00. Nobody left until 5:30 that morning.


This morning I awoke with a heavy hangover around noon. I think I may be ready to start the day.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What happened while they were drunk~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



























~Lana’s Point of View~


Looking at my new house I’m excited. It’s not a normal starter home, but a home that’s exactly what I needed. When I was talking to the Overdeity, who talked to the Great Sim God aka Loki, she arranged to get me a residence that suited my personality but was still simple. I love it!


Oh! silly me I’ve neglected to introduce myself! My name is Lana Dewdrop. I am deity of nature but mostly weather (it is a shared power). I was tired of being confined to my place in the clouds. I’m a party animal. I love being with other people and have need to meet others! After hours of begging the Overdeity, she agreed to let me live on this Earth as long as I didn’t reveal my true form unless it was one person and she would send me back in time before many people knew of our existence. My Deity name is Azhena Ouna. My human name is Lana Dewdrop.


One question. Care to join me on an adventure?

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